The biggest dental event in India this year is WDS 2015

Mumbai was a lively and polite host city when the World Dental Show 2015 was arranged there during the weekend 16-18 October 2015. Dental Mammoth attended with a three man team: two from our Indian personnel and one from Finland. As already in Bangkok at FDI 2015, our “hit product” was the new eBook ”Dental Mammoth – Foundations of Clinical Dentistry eBook 2015”. Hundreds of exhibition offer coupons were ordered during the three-day event. In India both the enthusiasm and volumes are high. Thank you Indian Dental Association for good arrangements!

Dental Mammoth attending FDI 2015 in Bangkok: a rewarding event

One year after FDI in India, the FDI 2015 congress and exhibition was arranged in Bangkok, Thailand, 22-25 September – and Dental Mammoth naturally participated again. The visitors' profile was leaning towards the Asian countries, but of course, the whole world was well represented in the delegates on the scientific side. Especially rewarding was to meet the companies which search for cooperation and partnership and they saw the huge potential of Dental Mammoth and its products wanting to be part of the success story. The reception of our new eBook ”Dental Mammoth – Foundations of Clinical Dentistry eBook 2015” was also enthusiastic. Not anything like that exists in the dental eBooks world. It is good to continue from here. We thank the FDI organization for a fine event. Next year we will meet in Poznan, Poland!

Dental Mammoth will be in Szeged, Hungary, at ADEE Annual Meeting 2015

Communication and Interaction in Dentistry is the main theme at the 41st Annual Meeting of ADEE in 2015. Since Dental Mammoth and ADEE share the goal of improving and enhancing the quality of dental education in Europe, we are proud to be present in Szeged 26-29 August 2015. If you are participating as well, welcome to meet us at our stand! Let us all do our share of improving dental education – in Europe and all over the world!


A link to ADEE meeting in Szeged:


26th Saudi Dental Society International Dental Conference 2015

Riyadh was a host city for 26th SDS International Dental Conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Conference took place 13-15 January 2015. This view is taken outwards from the stand of Dental Mammoth Ltd. We were very happy with the arrangements at the Conference. The organizers – Saudi Dental Society – and our partner company in Saudi Arabia, CARE & Planning for Hospitals Co. Ltd., both were very well up to our expectations. Arrangements were working well and we had a lot of possibilities to discuss the needs of Dental Universities and Dental Clinics with their representatives. The only thing that matters, finally, is that the products and services of Dental Mammoth would solve the customers’ problems and help them to be more efficient in their work. This can be achieved only by discussing openly and getting to know one another. That is why this kind of conferences are so valuable: everybody learns a lot.


Greetings from IDC 2015 in Bangalore!

Indian Dental Conference and Exhibition was being held from the 13th of February to the 15th of February 2015 at the Manpho Convention Center in Bangalore, India. Dental Mammoth had a five-man team making connections, learning markets and selling and promoting books and Online Service. All in all it was a very good experience. We thank our partners and customers and Indian Dental Association for organizing the event!


Dental Mammoth wishes a good year of 2015

Last year was a year of progress and growth for Dental Mammoth. We are very grateful to all our partners, customers, collaborators, content producers and everybody else in the Dental Mammoth circle.  Our aim of improving dental education and clinical work through knowledge is something that binds us all together. Let us make this year 2015 even better than the previous year!


Dental Mammoth has started a global campaign for reaching dental colleges and universities with our Online Service. If you are interested in having Dental Mammoth Online Service at your university, please contact us. We will arrange you access so that you can study and evaluate the content. We are quite convinced that the more you know about our Online Service the more you think that everybody else also should have a possibility to use it.

Dental Mammoth On Top Of The World!

Dental Mammoth Editorial Board member professor Heikki Murtomaa had a wonderful chance to visit Nepal and hike on the beautiful mountains there. The highest place he reached there was over 6,000 meters. This picture with professor Murtomaa and Dental Mammoth flag was taken at the height of 5,500 meters. Mount Everest can be seen in the background.


Dental Mammoth goals are high and we reach always to the top. Our aim is to improve the level of dentistry and dental education all over the world. Professor Murtomaa is a good example of this attitude: reach high, push the boundaries, do not be satisfied with the normal. Even on his leisure time.

Dental Mammoth on top of the world!
  • Heikki Murtomaa
Happy, Smiley People At FDI 2014 For A Good Reason

The experience of attending FDI 2014 in Greater Noida, India (near New Delhi), in September was for us at Dental Mammoth a very positive one – as well as for many of our partners and colleagues. Lots of deals were made, new contacts established and co-operations started. Not to mention the high-quality scientific side of the congress. In the picture taken at our stand the contentment can be seen from the faces of Professor Heikki Murtomaa (left), Matti Pöyry (the Executive Manager of Finnish Dental Association), Heikki Autti (CEO of Dental Mammoth), Heikki Kyöstilä (President of Planmeca), Jouko Nykänen (Director, Export Sales, Planmeca), Lauri Hiekkaranta and Tuula Laaksonen (Planmeca). Planmeca is based in Finland and it produces leading dental technology. Planmeca is also a global leader in many other fields of health care technology, with products distributed in over 120 countries worldwide.


Dental Mammoth in India FDI 2014
  • Planmeca
  • FDI 2014
Good Atmosphere At ADEE Conference In Riga, Latvia

Dental Mammoth was actively participating and enjoying the ADEE conference and exhibition in Riga, Latvia, the last week in August 2014. In the middle of the picture ADEE President, Professor Damien Walmsley. The Dental Mammoth team in Riga: Professor Heikki Murtomaa (left), CEO Heikki Autti, Marketing Communications Manager Lauri Hiekkaranta, Marko Heikinheimo (Business Development), Dental Editor Petteri Peltola and Juha Ruotoistenmäki.

Dental Mammoth ADEE group
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Professor Byung-Moo Min As Our Distinguished Guest

Professor Byung-Moo Min from Seoul National University Senate was getting acquainted with the activities and plans of Dental Mammoth as a guest of Professor Jukka H. Meurman. Professor Min is a Regional Board Member (Asia/Pacific Region) of IADR and he will be a chairman of the 94th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR in 2016. In the picture Heikki Autti (left) CEO of Dental Mammoth, Professor Byung-Moo Min, Professor Jukka H. Meurman and Lauri Hiekkaranta, Marketing and Communications Manager of Dental Mammoth.

Dental Mammoth with Professor Byung-Moo Min
  • Byung-Moo Min
  • Seoul National University Senate