Collaboration options

How can a Practice Management Software company benefit from collaborating with DM?

Dental Mammoth’s Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is a vital component of any Dental software.

The Dental Mammoth concept answers dental professionals’ everyday needs because relevant information is scattered and hard to find.

Using DM’s clinical content (over 25,000 updated topics in dental, medical, and drug databases) with an embedded link or an application programming interface (API) gives your customers instant access to our databases to provide practical solutions to recognizable problems in dentistry.

This improves your customer experience and satisfaction and, of course, adds more value compared to your competitors.

Best of all, working together will also increase your turnover.
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How can a Learning Management Software company benefit from collaborating with DM?

We enable you to offer an additional service where you can provide your client organizations with more ready-made content from the industry that will increase the usability value of your software. In addition to our content, we will later offer a wide range of information and training content from other providers. This approach is unique in the dental and oral health sector and will enable your company to improve sales in local and international markets. 

How can a Dental product or service company benefit from collaborating with DM?

Finding clinical and product information, service, or training content quickly and reliably is more important than ever. By marketing on DentalMammoth Online Service, we provide you with a channel to increase your visibility to dental professionals.

By linking product information to relevant clinical content, clinicians get the product support they need in a natural context.

In addition, you can publish your news on DentalMammoth, bring your campaigns and webinars online and create your video channel to support your customers.

The comprehensive product content on DM Online Service also helps user organizations in their decision-making.

Let us tell more about the possibilities that DM Media can offer.
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