Solution for clinical work and education

I am a dentist; what can DM offer me?

DM provides you at the point of care immediate access to cutting-edge data of high-quality dental care. Should you need more information regarding the clinical challenge you are facing, or would you like to benchmark your present clinical procedures, they all are there. Easy access to current evidence-based dentistry is available at the touch of your finger.

I am a dental student; what can DM offer me?

Growing to be a professional of high caliber is a demanding and life-long process. Regardless of all information available, only the relevant and scientifically verified ones will guide you on your way to this aim. With its experts and international editorial board members ensuring the quality of the database, DM is a reliable companion to support you in your professional endeavors. It also provides you with many-fold opportunities to interact with your classmates and create your portfolio, not only for your examinations but for your professional life. 

How can a dental college/school benefit from the DM solution?

The learning environment and its practices have a profound effect on future professionals. Providing up-to-date opportunities and knowledge for professional growth is one of the primary responsibilities of such institutions.

DM Education concept and solutions are a practical way to solve these tasks.

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Clinical Decision Support, what does that mean in Dentistry?

Many patients have health problems not encountered in daily clinical dental practice. The Clinical Decision Support database helps the clinician make the right choices by giving evidence-based guidelines and instructions like, for example, choosing the right antibiotic before dental treatment. Clinical Decision Support provides a quick reference for over 600 medical and dental conditions.