Dental Education

Dental Education

Core knowledge for graduating dentists

MyDM education tool now available for dental schools

Easy-to-use for teachers and students

Skills are based on Knowledge – Knowledge is based on Learning

The aim of dental education continues to be the same as in the past decades – to educate students with up-to-date clinical knowledge to serve patients and facilitate their oral health as competent professionals and life-long learners.

At the Dental Mammoth education team, we are part of the current development and digital educational reform happening globally.

Let’s work together to enrich the way how dental education is delivered!

Heikki Murtomaa

DDS, PhD, MPH, Prof.emer.
Chairman of DM Education

Challenges of dental education today

  • Increasing scientific knowledge and information
  • Emerging new technology and digitalisation
  • Different learning environments
  • Limited teaching resources
  • Student profile and motivation
  • Multiprofessionalism is imperative

The DM Education concept is a practical way to solve these tasks:

Comprehensive resource platform

  • contains core knowledge for graduating dentists
  • allows access to all DM databases

Open concept for teacher-student interaction

  • facilitates the use of your Dental School’s resources
  • versatile support for self and life-long learning

Edutech development

  • supports creating a personal learning handbook and portfolio

MyDM is a personal digital learning tool for teachers and students

MyDM aims to ensure that students have the right materials during and after the course and help the teachers monitor their progress easily and measure their learning.  

It’s like a classroom on DentalMammoth, where teachers can collect course materials and send questionnaires and tests, for example.

MyDM allows the student to take notes on lecture materials and collect study material in their personal space.

DM Education Team at your service

Let’s find together solutions that will benefit your institution’s resources!

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