DentalMammoth membership plans and pricing

Individual membership
Dental Mammoth offers three pricing plans for individual membership to suit your needs. You can upgrade your plan anytime to add new features and functionality or even downgrade your plan. The Clinical (free) plan will always be available once you have registered for our service.
If your institution offers you access, use the coupon code provided when registering.
Institutional membership
Dental Mammoth institutional membership provides unlimited access to Dental Mammoth Online Services for university, organization, or company users. Institutional prices are based on a tiered system.
Please contact our sales team if you are an institutional customer by sending an email to sales@dentalmammoth.com.


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Oral and Dental Health database
Patient education database


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Everything in Clinical plus
Dental Quick reference database
Dental database
Dental Procedures database
Dental Pictures database
Problem-based diagnostics database
Emergency database
Medical database
Evidence summaries


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Everything in Professional plus
Drug interactions
Drug use during pregnancy and lactation
Drug use in renal failure
Drug use in liver impairment
Cross-reactivity among drugs
Natural medicines
Prices are excluding VAT.