Features and benefits

We offer dynamic content management

– Dental companies have complete control over their own content *

– All the content you require from our service – product offers and information, educational courses, videos, brochures, etc. – can be managed market area by market area

– Content management can also be outsourced to us – partially or entirely

– This has less to do with approaching the target group with a ‘single-shot, cure-all’, than it has with nurturing a continuous, lifelong, professional relationship

DM license holders can increase their visibility from within the portal.Everything from basic company contact information to an extensive company page, including all product and service data, can be displayed in a cost-effective manner.

Company page

The extensive company page includes:

– Logo

– Contact information

– Company profile

– Company promotional video

– Contact form

– Links to the web

– Attachments

– Location map

Product information

– Basic information on all products

– Extensive product information (20-200 products)

The extensive product page includes:

– Informative label

– Safe use fact sheet

– Attachments

– List of retailers

– Product pictures and videos

– Links to the web

– Contact form