Frequently Asked Questions regarding Authors

What is the business idea of Dental Mammoth Ltd

Dental Mammoth Ltd aims to run the Department Store of Dental Knowledge with its partners and contributors. In this way, the oral health professionals and students will have a comprehensive resource for their clinical work and studies.

What is the business model of Dental Mammoth Ltd

Dental Mammoth Ltd publishes practical online guidelines and clinical articles to support oral health professionals and students. The main products are subscription-based databases with monthly or annual recurrent payments.

Who can publish on Dental Mammoth Online Service

We welcome authors and contributors with different careers to join our team. You might be a noun specialist with years of academic background in your field or a clinician who has a documented interesting clinical patient case. The main thing is that the content will help your colleagues to make better clinical decisions.

Who we are

The people involved with Dental Mammoth Ltd have years of clinical experience in dentistry and medicine besides academic background. That helps us to understand the needs both in education and clinical work. With other professionals in their fields, the company has expertise in the online publishing business.

How Dental Mammoth compensates the authors and contributors

You will have lifelong access to our services when you share your content with us and agree to our agreement terms. You will also be compensated based on DM royalty terms. You will also have a public profile on the service upon your decision.

Do I have the right to publish the same content with other publishers

It is important to us that you publish your content on Dental Mammoth Online Service. We know that it is essential that you that you can use the same material if needed in other circumstances. Don’t worry, you have the right to do so.

How dental company can publish its educational content with Dental Mammoth

Clinical dental work is done with commercial products, equipment, and methods. A part of professional skills is the knowledge to use those products in the right way. We publish practical guideline articles which explain step by step how the actual procedure is done. If you represent a commercial company, please be free to contact us. Let’s find the structure of practical guidelines for your concept.